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There's A Rat In My Kitchen

No, we're not about to recite the UB40 hit, but recount one recent instance of a client who couldn' work out why kitchen roll was going missing, until the called us in.

Know When You Have A Proplem With Our Pest Cam

Mice and rats will normally travel in voids such as roofspace and under floors.
We use various ways of tracking rodents that find their way into in your property Such as motion sensor cameras and UV tracking dust.

Why You Need Pest Control At Home And Work

Proactive prevention just makes sense. Businesses and homeowners often wait until they have a pest problem before calling for help. Unfortunately, pests can be sneaky little creatures and often emerge at different times throughout the year, even after you have called in the professionals.

Hearing Noises In The Attic?

Hearing noises in the attic? As the colder months approach mice and rats will look to come indoors for warmth and shelter. Mice and rats can get through an opening 1/4 to 1/2" space. Sealing up entry points can help prevent easy access by rodents.

But don't panic, we got this!

Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control is a full member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and is CEPA accredited BS EN16636.

CEPA is the new British and European standard in pest control.

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